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Aspall have been making Cyder in Suffolk for eight generations, and in the face of increased competition in both the Cyder and Vinegar categories, approached NB to help reinvigorate and re-craft the Aspall brand identity.
The new identity features across the full Cyder packaging range – both on and off trade – together with the website, point of sale and livery.

With a rich history to explore, the early stages of the project focused on identifying brand assets that connect the visual identity with the past. This meant delving into the bottomless Aspall archive, blowing dust off of old documents and records and uncovering old marks, motifs, and photographs.

With a number of the new-to-market cider products habitually ‘inventing’ heritage stories, the focus of this exercise was to identify assets that capture the unique quirks and eccentricities of a three-century-old family business,
and of the family members themselves.

The overall result is very sensitive to Aspall’s history and heritage. The redesign emphasises the authenticity of the Aspall brand and products with robust underlying principles that create the platform for future cyder variants, the Aspall vinegar range and new products in both categories.


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