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Zhuck (жук)

Zhuck (жук) is an innovative new app for Russia. Developed for a leading Russian bank, Bank24.ru, Zhuck focuses on three main areas; profit & loss, invoices & payments and partners. Zhuck was created specifically to cater to disillusioned entrepreneurs, accountants, managers and investors who want a closer control of their business – a better understanding of the day to day goings on – without getting caught up or slowed down by the bureaucratic Russian banking system. However, unlike many banking/productivity/financial apps out there, Zhuck jokes, provokes and occasionally insults the user, cajoling them into action, making ‘doing nothing’ seem like the difficult option.

The name Zhuck translates to English directly as ‘beetle’, but the word has a deeper significance in Russian. The best way to understand it is when we describe a person as a ‘shark’ – on one hand it can mean aggressive, predatory, cunning and malicious, but on the other hand a ‘shark’ is savvy, clever, entrepreneurial and driven. Put simply, a ‘Zhuck’ is someone you want on your side, not against you.

NB were challenged to create a brand identity that worked both on and off-line. The bookish elegance and seriousness is offset with touches of bright colour and the marauding Zhuck character. NB worked closely with the digital agency SomeOne/else who led the UX/UI development of the app. Frequent trips to Zhuck HQ in St Petersberg and collaborative co-creation sessions in London ensured that the brand identity and digital experience were closely connected.

Zhuck from NB on Vimeo.

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